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Why NextScent®

Passionate Scent Marketing Experts

For the past 15 years, our team members have helped more than 20,000 small businesses and global brands transform their business environment with the power of scent marketing.

  • Our consultative process is designed to empower your business with the right fragrance and best ambient scenting solutions.
  • Looking for a solution to address indoor air quality? Our systems monitor indoor air-quality and provide real-time data for business owners. We have technologies that can help purify the air and distribute natural fragrance solutions that help eliminate odors and suppress mold, bacteria and viruses.

Smarter - Safer - Lower Cost

NextScent® utilizes certified safe fragrances and new technologies to provides scent solutions that are smarter, safer, easier to deploy and more affordable.

  • Our fragrances are certified safe and we use eco-friendly materials and packaging to meet US Green Building Council standards.
  • Our scent solutions are easy to deploy and manage, providing a lower cost, self-service option with global support.

Advanced Technologies

Ventus: noun, (Latin)
Ven∙tus | ven -tüs

Wind, breeze, vital breath, soul

The Ventus® Pro system utilizes patent pending technologies to purify the air and distribute natural fragrances with unmatched performance and safety. Unlike conventional commercial scent systems that require messy oil replacement, the Ventus® Pro system uses a dry-evaporative fragrance-filter cartridge that is safe, smart, affordable and eco-friendly. The built-in Air Quality Sensor provide real-time monitoring of indoor air quality.

App Controlled

No Flame

Child Safe

Filtered Air

Eco Friendly

Covers up to 1500sq ft

LATUS: adjective, Latin
lat-tus | lat-tüs

Broad, wide, comprehensive, diffuse

The Latus® family of patent pending commercial scent delivery solutions utilize advanced dry-air diffusion. This allows for the solutions to distribute natural fragrances and air care formulations to medium-sized buildings, large areas, and major venues, all with unparalleled performance and connectivity. From direct-to-space to HVAC distribution, the Latus® solutions are safe, smart, affordable, easy to use and eco-friendly.


Fully Connected
  • The NextScent® App provides remote control of scheduling and intensity as well as replenishment notification and verification
  • Secure access option via Bluetooth and smartphone app eliminates potential for Wi-Fi hacking
  • Our Network Operations Center provides 24/7 global remote management and support

Safer for You

CMR & Allergen Free

We only use certified safe fragrances. Our competitors typically use fragrances that meet the minimum industry standards. But these standards still permit a percentage of allergens, toxins, carcinogens and other health hazards. We formulate our fragrances to eliminate the use of these hazards.

Safer for Earth

Environmentally Responsible

Being environmentally responsible is in our mission statement and our core values. That’s why we use recycled materials in our products and packaging. Our free Recycling Programming makes it easy for our clients to go green. We are the only scent marketing company accepted as a U.S. Green Building Council Member.

Business Case Studies

Smart business owners know that success is all about the customer experience. Ambient scenting is a cost-effective way to make it memorable.

Summit Trampoline

Charleston & Spring Hill

SUMMIT Trampoline Parks are the world’s premier adventure facilities that offer fun and exercise for people of all ages. The wonderful scents of chocolate chip cookie and sweet vanilla add to the fun and help make their parks unique and their customers wanting more.

City Of Dreams


When players and guest smell the intoxicating City of Dreams Green Bamboo fragrance, they know they have arrived at the premier gaming venue in Asia. The custom developed ambient scenting solution was designed to work with the air purification system to neutralize odors and create a clean, exciting and unforgettable experience.

Grund America


Grund America manufactures clean, natural and organic products that are soft, durable and environmentally friendly. Customers in their retail stores are greeted with an inviting scent comprised of essential oils from rose and black jasmine with a soft sandalwood base. The experience of the aroma and feel of their products make for a memorable shopping experience.