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What does your brand smell like?

Our team has helped some of the world’s most iconic brands leverage the power of scent to create a more engaging and memorable customer experience – a key factor in building their brand. NextScent® provides a consultative approach and will work with your team to determine and develop the right solutions for your brand.

  • Signature Fragrance Development
  • Ambient Scent Delivery Technologies
  • Global Deployment
  • Brand Compliance
  • Retail and Promotional Product Development

Global Brand Case Studies

Industry leaders understand that scent marketing is a critical part of the customer experience and a key component of their brand.

Westin Hotels

Hotel guests are welcomed with the uplifting and comforting ambient scent of white tea infused with cedar and vanilla. The popularity of this scent has enhanced their brand marketing and generated significant retail revenues for their scented air freshener products.

Zara Home

Customers feel right at home with the relaxing and sophisticated scents of Black Vanilla in the Fall/Winter season and White Jasmine during the Spring/Summer season. Sales of matching scented products jump 15-20% when ambient scenting is diffused in store.

Pandora Asia

As online sales pull customers from some retail stores, Pandora stores in Asia use a luxurious composition of green tea and lemongrass to make there customer experience more enjoyable and memorable. Their sales improved with more repeat visits and longer in-store shopping sessions with ambient scenting.

Shangri-La Hotels & Resorts

Known for world-class 5-star service amidst tranquil surroundings, Shangri-La guests are greeted by an unforgettable signature fragrance with fresh notes of lily and bergamot, infused with a bouquet of rose, lavender and jasmine that opens to a seductive base of warm musk and sandalwood.

Business Case Studies

Smart business owners know that success is all about the customer experience. Ambient scenting is a cost-effective way to make it memorable.

Summit Trampoline

Charleston & Spring Hill

SUMMIT Trampoline Parks are the world’s premier adventure facilities that offer fun and exercise for people of all ages. The wonderful scents of chocolate chip cookie and sweet vanilla add to the fun and help make their parks unique and their customers wanting more.

City Of Dreams


When players and guest smell the intoxicating City of Dreams Green Bamboo fragrance, they know they have arrived at the premier gaming venue in Asia. The custom developed ambient scenting solution was designed to work with the air purification system to neutralize odors and create a clean, exciting and unforgettable experience.

Grund America


Grund America manufactures clean, natural and organic products that are soft, durable and environmentally friendly. Customers in their retail stores are greeted with an inviting scent comprised of essential oils from rose and black jasmine with a soft sandalwood base. The experience of the aroma and feel of their products make for a memorable shopping experience.